Fear as a sustainable method
of controlling animal pests

Winner of regional ESNC 2016 Catalonia Challenge

The company offers solutions through the study, design, patent, manufacture and marketing of biomimetic devices in order to end animal pests, especially in agricultural and aquaculture crops.

We investigate the evolutionary memory to use fear as a sustainable method of pest control. We mimick all types of vehicles (UAV, UGV, UUV, ROV, AUV and USV or UMS) that are guided by autopilot with features and understandable sounds for animals.

Copied and adapted from nature, original and innovative robotic systems shift depending on the environment in which they will work. The paleontological study, coupled with the understanding of habitats ensures the success of the fighting. We use even extinct animals but have not disappeared from his genetic memory.


• Avian pests cause loss of 15 % of all crops in the world and 25% in fish farms (FAO source).
• Damage the heritage and provoke incidents with aircraft worth a billion dollars a year (OACI)
• Global scale problem


• Bio-mimetic drones (RPAs) as birds of prey of bird species causing damages.
• Tailored service for each costumer (geographical area, crop, birds, weather)

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